Varnishes and Mediums

Jacquard offers a complete range of Varnishes and Mediums suitable for Airbrushing, Painting, Screen Printing, mixed media and crafts..

xxxAirbrush Clear Varnish

Airbrush Clear Varnish

Varnish protects paint on metal, plastic, ceramic and other hard surfaces.

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xxxClear Extender Medium

Clear Extender Medium

Add to Airbrush Colors to increase transparency, dilute color and extend the mileage of the paint.

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xxxDorland's Wax

Dorland's Wax

Cold wax painting medium.

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xxxFabric Sculpting Medium

Fabric Sculpting Medium

Hardening medium for fabric. Great for sculptures, lamp shades, collages and more.

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xxxGum Arabic

Gum Arabic

Binder medium to mix with water and dry pigments for an easy-to-brush paint.

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xxxJacquard Screen Ink Extender

Jacquard Screen Ink Extender

Mix extender with Jacquard Screen Inks to make them more transparent.

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xxxLumiere 3D Clear

Lumiere 3D Clear

Great adhesive for fabric and other surfaces. Also use as an extender for Pearl Ex and Lumiere 3D.

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xxxNeopaque Flowable Extender

Neopaque Flowable Extender

Mix with Lumiere and Neopaque paints to make them more transparent.

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xxxPinata Claro Extender

Pinata Claro Extender

Mix extender with Pinata Alcohol Inks to make them more transparent, keep them shiny and extend working time.

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xxxPearl Ex Varnish

Pearl Ex Varnish

Water-based varnish can be used as a medium or top coat with Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments.

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xxxTextile Colorless Extender

Textile Colorless Extender

Mix with Textile Color paints to make them more transparent.

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xxxVersatex Clear Extender

Versatex Clear Extender

Mix with Versatex Screen Printing Inks to make them more transparent.

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