Silk Hoop PaintingProject - Silk Hoop Painting

Check out this fun activity for kids and adults - great for groups, too! Easily achieve beautiful results every time using Jacquard’s Dye-Na-Flow, Silk Colors, Water-based Resists and Silk Hoops.

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Jacquard Silk Connection


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Jacquard Inkjet Fabric Systems

Jacquard Inkjet Fabric Systems: specializes in inkjet fabric coatings (for use in wide format digital printers)


Silk Connection is an online store for ready-to-dye silk and other fabrics that are sold by the yard.

PDF Silk Connection Price ListSilk Connection Price List

TeeJuice.com website

Jacquard hosts a website dedicated to
Tee Juice'd art!

Click Here to visit TeeJuice.com - an invigorating, online artistic community for anyone using
Tee Juice Fabric Art Markers.

Show your artwork created with Tee Juice,
check out other artists' work and win tons of
cool art supplies
on TeeJuice.com!


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Redesigned, Reinvigorated
and Revitalized: TeeJuice.com!

TeeJuice.com website

Jacquard Products is pleased to announce the launch of our redesigned website, www.teejuice.com. Originally created for enthusiasts of Jacquard's Tee Juice Fabric Art Markers, this online community is now more vibrant than ever!
- Simplified user interface
- Easier join/renew process
- New prizes & new prize schedule

Check out the NEW TeeJuice.com website today!

SolarFast, Orange - 4 ozSolarFast:
Now Odorless and Safe for Children!

SolarFast, our line of UV-developed dyes for paper and fabric, is newly improved!
- no more ammonia
- kid-friendly
- more consistent exposure times
- brighter and cleaner colors
- a more stable dye

Check out the new SolarFast video and Read more about SolarFast…

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