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Tee Juice Fabric Art Markers

Chris Russell Triptych









Sixteen great colors, available in three tip widths,Tee Juice Markers really deliver! The color screams, but the finished fabric remains completely soft to the touch. Tee Juice is great on T-shirts, jeans, canvas tennis shoes–you name it! A technological breakthrough, the color flows smoothly out of the pens, with no dragging or skipping on fabric, even when using the fine point. Washfast and permanent after heat setting with a dry iron. Available individually, in boxed sets and in kits with iron- on designs to color in.

Synthetic and natural fabrics including cotton, linen, rayon, silk,
wool, nylon and polyester, as well as canvas, wood, leather,
paper, clay and more!

Sizes - 16 Colors (Individual: open stock or carded)

Fine Point (Item PEN1-carded, TJX1-open stock)

Tee Juice Fine Point


Medium Point (Item PEN2-carded, TJX2-open stock)

Tee Juice Medium Point


Broad Point (Item PEN0-open stock only)

Tee Juice Broad Point

Also available in Sets, Kits and Class Packs


  001 Yellow   005 Blue   009 Goldenrod   013 Sky Blue
  002 Orange   006 Green   010 Tangerine   014 Spring Green
  003 Red   007 Brown   011 Pink   015 Tan
  004 Purple   008 Black   012 Lilac   016 Grey