Synthrapol is an industrial strength, neutral detergent used as a prewash, afterwash or wetting agent for paint and dye. It helps prevent backstaining because of its unique characteristic of keeping loose dye particles in suspension.

6 fl oz/.18 L (Item CHM1009)
1 qt/.95 L (Item CHM2009) pictured
1 gal/3.79 L (Item CHM3009)


Prewash: To remove sizings, oils and waxes, add 3 TBS Synthrapol + 2 TBS Soda Ash per 8 lb washing machine load. Set on hottest setting. Wash 10 minutes, and rinse thoroughly in warm water.

After Dyeing: Rinse fabric in cold water. Wash 10 minutes in hottest water with 3 TBS Synthrapol per 8 lb washing machine load. Rinse in warm water. Repeat if necessary.

Wetting Agent:
For wool or other hard to wet fibers - add 2 or 3 drops to the dye bath
For painting hard to wet fabrics - add one drop to paint.
For marbling - add one small drop to colors to facilitate spreading on the marbling medium.