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Vertical Steamer

Steam-setting painted silk and cotton fabrics ensures optimum color yield and brightness. This professional steamer is designed to last for a lifetime. Its double-walled cylinder is made of heavy duty stainless steel and has two sections for easier handling. The sections stack for easy assembly.

- The unit will steam fabric up to 54" wide.
- The 2000 watt heating element is available for either a 120 volt/16 amp or 240 volt/8 amp power source.
- Includes an automatic safety shutoff switch.
- The assembled steamer is 74" tall.
- The steamer has a 30 day warranty on the electrical and a one year warranty on the structural parts.
- It is shipped as three separate boxes averaging 24 lbs. each.

Vertical Fabric Steamer US- 120 Volt (Item STEAM00)
Vertical Fabric Steamer US- 240 Volt (Item STEAM01)
Vertical Fabric Steamer European- 240 Volt (Item STEAM04)

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VPDF - Vertical Steamer Instructioinsertical Steamer Instructions

Also available
Steamer Core
(Item STEAM03)
60" long woven stainless steel wire tube for use with our vertical steamer. It allows for heat and steam to get to the fabric from inside as well as the outside of the roll. It is easy to load, it simply hangs from the top of the steamer.

Vertical Steamer Core




Stovetop Steamer

This little beauty does a great job steaming projects on a home stove. Made of all stainless steel with a hinged top. Simply roll silk and paper with the rod provided, place rod ends in holders and put on the stove across one or two burners. Steams up to 36" wide fabric.

Stovetop Steamer (Item STEAM02)

PDF - Stove Top Steamer InstructionsStovetop Steamer Instructions

StoveTop Steamer