Enjoy a sampling our of products with these Sets and Exciter Packs. A variety of colors are available.

xxxAcid Dye Set

Acid Dye Set

4 dye color set with Citric Acid. Used on protein fibers such as silk & wool.

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xxxCyanotype Set

Cyanotype Set

Easy 2 component set that magically allows you to develop prints when placed out in the sun!

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xxxDye-Na-Flow Sets

Dye-Na-Flow Sets

Concentrated liquid paint in 6, 8 and 10 color sets.

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xxxLumiere Sets

Lumiere Sets

Metallic paint in 6 and 8 color sets.

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xxxNeopaque Set

Neopaque Set

Opaque paint in an 8 color set.

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xxxPearl Ex Sets

Pearl Ex Sets

Powdered pigments in three 12 color series sets, a Calligraphy Set, a gift set as well as 6 and 32 color sets.

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xxxProcion MX Set

Procion MX Set

Cold water, fiber reactive dye 4 color set with Soda Ash.

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xxxTee Juice Sets

Tee Juice Sets

Fabric art markers in 4 boxed sets.

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xxxTextile Color Sets

Textile Color Sets

Semi-transparent paint in two 6 color sets and three 8 color sets.

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xxxVersatex Screen Ink Sets

Versatex Screen Ink Sets

Semi-transparent, screen printing ink in two 8 color sets.

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