Screen Printing Supplies

Companion products and chemicals for screen printing with Jacquard Professional Screen Printing Inks and Versatex Screen Printing Inks.

xxxColor Magnet

Color Magnet

Amazing product that magically attracts more dye where it is applied.

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Used to remove most fiber reactive colors, direct dyes and acid dyes from fabric.

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xxxFilm Marker

Film Marker

Permanent,light-blocking marker for SolarFast film and other film media.

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xxxJacquard Screen Ink Extender

Jacquard Screen Ink Extender

Mix extender with Jacquard Screen Inks to make them more transparent.

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xxxPhoto Emulsion

Photo Emulsion

Packaged with Diazo Sensitizer for coating silk screens.

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xxxPuff Additive

Puff Additive

Add dimension to screen ink images on paper, fabric and other surfaces.

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xxxScreen Drawing Fluid

Screen Drawing Fluid

Create a positive stencil on a silk screen and to achieve a “painterly” effect.

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xxxScreen Filler & Block Out

Screen Filler & Block Out

Perfect for fixing pinholes, negative space printing or creating stencils directly in a silk screen.

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xxxScreen Ink Discharge Additive

Screen Ink Discharge Additive

Discharge additive for use with Jacquard Screen Inks.

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xxxScreen Life

Screen Life

Extends open time of water-based paints and screen inks when screen printing.

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xxxSilk Screens

Silk Screens

Silk screens in various sizes and mesh.

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xxxSodium Alginate

Sodium Alginate

Thickener for painting or screen printing with dyes.

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xxxSoftening Additive

Softening Additive

Used to soften the hand of Jacquard Professional Screen Inks on fabric.

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xxxSolarFast Film

SolarFast Film

Use to create photographic negatives for SolarFast printing and film positives for screen printing applications.

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xxxSolarFast Thickener

SolarFast Thickener

Used to increase the viscosity of SolarFast Dyes for screen printing applications.

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Aluminum squeegees offered in 2 sizes.

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xxxVersatex Fixer

Versatex Fixer

Additive for setting Versatex Printing Inks when heat setting is not practical.

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