Jacquard offers quality products with exceptional value in the following categories.



Chemicals and auxiliaries to complement Jacquard dyes.

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Dyes suitable for a wide variety of fibers, fabrics and applications.

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Ready-to-dye silk and other fabrics that are sold by the yard.

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xxxPrintable Fabric, Film & Paper

Printable Fabric, Film & Paper

Fabric Sheets, Film and Transfer Paper to use with inkjet printers.

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xxxiPrint Ribbon

iPrint Ribbon

Printable ribbon for easy home or business use on any inkjet printer.

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xxxKits, Sets & Class Packs

Kits, Sets & Class Packs

Diverse line of craft kits, class packs for large groups and sets for sampling products.

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xxxMerchandising Information

Merchandising Information

Information regarding store displays and product racks.

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xxxPaints and Inks

Paints and Inks

Paints and inks that color beautifully on many different surfaces.

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xxxPearl Ex Pigments

Pearl Ex Pigments

Versatile powdered pigments that create a metallic look on most surfaces.

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Three lines of resists designed to define the edge of an image and stop the flow of dye at the resist lines.

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xxxScreen Printing Supplies

Screen Printing Supplies

Companion products and chemicals for screen printing.

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xxxSolarFast Supplies

SolarFast Supplies

Companion products and chemicals for SolarFast Dyes and Screen Printing Inks.

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xxxTee Juice Markers

Tee Juice Markers

Fabric Art Markers available in 3 nib sizes. Great for paper, too!

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Applicators, hardware, Auto Fade Pen, brushes, gloves and Tjanting tools.

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xxxVarnishes and Mediums

Varnishes and Mediums

All types of Varnishes and Mediums for: Airbrush, Painting, Screen Printing, mixed media and crafts.

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All types of waxes for: batik, encaustic, cold wax painting, mixed media, crafts and candle making.

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