Procion MX

These cold water fiber reactive dyes are known all over the world. The undisputed king of batik and tie dye, Procion MX is also one of the most versatile dyes available. Mix the concentrated dye powder with warm tap water to create the most vivid and colorfast of all dyes for cellulose fibers. With Jacquard’s assortment, you can create an infinite palette of colors, ranging from light pastels to deep, vibrant hues.

- Typically, one 2/3 oz/19 g bottle will dye more than 1 lb/0.45 kg of dry fabric.
(Very bright colors will require more dye and pastel colors will require less.)

Tie dye, immersion dyeing, batik, screen printing, direct application, gradation dyeing, sprinkle dyeing, ice dyeing and more!
Tie Dye T-shirt

Cellulose fibers: cotton, linen, canvas hemp, jute, ramie, sisal, paper, rayon and more! May use protein fibers if acidified.

Sizes* - 43 Colors
2/3 oz/19 g (Item PMX1)
8 oz/0.23 kg (Item PMX2)
1 lb/0.45 kg (Item PMX3)

*8 oz and 1 lb sizes now available at a location near you.

Five pounds and up available at the Jacquard Bulk & Specialty Store.

Also available in a Set, Tie Dye Kits and Tie Dye Class Packs

For helpful tie dye tips and detailed instructions see: Instructional DVD and Book.

Procion MX instructions PDFProcion MX Instructions

Procion MX instructions PDFProcion Color Mixing Chart

Procion MX instructions PDFProcion MX Color Information

If you tie dye with friends and they take home their garments to wash, here's an easy print-out you can give them with simple instructions:

Jacquard Procion Post Party InstructionsJacquard Procion Post Party Instructions


Instructional Videos using Procion MX
Watch Now on Vimeo and YouTube !

Tie Dyeing with a Pro

Tie Dye Rainbow Spiral

Tie Dye Rainbow Heart

Color Magnet™ by Jacquard



  004 Lemon Yellow   042 Raspberry   086 Forest Green   170 Ecru
  010 Bright Golden Yellow   050 Deep Purple   094 Emerald Green   180 Peach
  011 Antique Gold   058 Marine Violet   097 Bright Green   184 Bubble Gum
  016 Rust Orange   068 Turquoise   105 Olive Green   192 Lilac
  020 Brilliant Orange   069 Aqua Marine   106 Bronze   199 Ice Blue
  028 Bright Scarlet   070 Cerulean Blue   107 Avocado   201 Robin's Egg Blue
  030 Fire Engine Red   071 Teal   119 Chocolate Brown   210 Pale Aqua
  032 Carmine Red   072 Medium Blue   124 Burgundy   211 Neutral Grey
  034 Magenta   076 Cobalt Blue   126 Brown Rose   231 Violet
  035 Hot Pink   078 Navy   128 Warm Black   232 Bright Blue
  040 Fuchsia   079 Midnight Blue   150 Jet Black