Procion MX Rack

Procion MX 5 Tier Display Rack

Durable steel rack with UPC codes and color swatches.

Dimensions: 30.25" x 18" x 12" - Height includes 5 inch header. (Item PMX002N)

FULL Display Filler
A complete assortment of dyes to fill your Procion MX Dye display rack.
(Item PMX001D) Rack not included-please order separately.

240 - 2/3 oz / 18.71 g bottles: 6 each of 40 colors*

HALF Stock Filler
The entire Procion MX Dye color range for half the initial investment.
(Item PMX001M)
Rack not included-please order separately.

120 - 2/3 oz / 18.71 g bottles: 3 each of 40 colors*

*Colors 070 Cerulean, 231 Violet & 232 Bright Blue not included in rack.

Procion Rack update - NEW Neutral Grey color
Stickers will be sent, upon request, to existing retail stores with the Procion MX racks, to cover the discontinued Pearl Grey. Simply peel off the Pearl Grey fabric swatch and adhere the new Neutral Grey sticker with swatch over the top. New rack orders will include an updated rack strip.