High-quality, kid- and consumer-oriented craft kits.

xxxColor Magnet Dye Kits

Color Magnet Dye Kits

Customize garments with Color Magnet pen and washer safe dye packets. Dyes 8-10 T-shirts.

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xxxGlitter Body Art Kit

Glitter Body Art Kit

Non-permanent body art with a shimmery twist.

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xxxHoop Painting Fun Bag

Hoop Painting Fun Bag

100% Silk Hoops and Dye-Na-Flow paint for window or wall art.

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xxxMarbling Kit

Marbling Kit

Create patterned paper, fabric and gift wrap.

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xxxMehndi Henna Kit

Mehndi Henna Kit

Exotic, non-permanent body art of the Far East.

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xxxPrint Base Kit

Print Base Kit

Handy, pre-measured amounts of the necessary chemicals for painting or screen printing with dyes.

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xxxScreen Printing Kits

Screen Printing Kits

Professional-quality screen printing kits.

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xxxSilk Colors Kit

Silk Colors Kit

Starter set for silk painting.

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xxxSolarFast Starter Kit

SolarFast Starter Kit

Create photographs, photograms and shadow prints on paper and fabric with this sun-powered printmaking kit!

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xxxTie Dye Kits

Tie Dye Kits

Variety of easy-to-use kits for tie dye projects.

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