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Jacquard Professional
Screen Printing Ink

These innovative and water-based professional quality screen inks are permanent on a variety of porous and non-porous surfaces, including fabric, paper and vinyl. A technological breakthrough, open time on the screen has been greatly extended, giving printers more working time without in-screen drying.

Jacquard Screen Printing Inks are archival and lightfast, with superior resolution and excellent coverage. They won’t buckle artist papers, and the finish is a beautiful, durable, practically scuff-proof semi-gloss. Dry cleanable and extremely washfast after heat setting, the inks also air cure after 72 hours.

Full palette includes the process colors, beautiful semi-transparents, unsurpassed opaques and highly reflective metallics. Also available in a special bulk system. The line also includes both Discharge and Puff Additives. Cleanup is easy with soap and water.

Screen printing, block and relief printing

Natural or synthetic fabric, paper, vinyl, wood, leather, metal,
plastic and more!

Sizes - 36 Colors
4 fl oz/118 ml (Item JSI1)
8 fl oz/0.24 L (Item JSI2)
16 fl oz/0.47 L (Item JSI3)
1 qt/0.95 L (Item JSIQ) - tub packaging
1 gal/3.79 L (Item JSI4) - tub packaging

Also available
Extender, Kits and Screen Printing Supplies

Try our Jacquard Puff Additive to add dimension to your screen ink print!


18 semi-transparent inks, 10 opaque inks, 4 metallic inks, a super opaque white and a CMY Process Color System.

* Indicates colors NOT included in the rack.

  100 Colorless Extender   110 Royal Blue   119 Super Opaque White   128 Opaque Blue
  101 Yellow   111 Blue JSI120 Gold swatch 120 Gold   129 Opaque Green
  102 Golden Yellow   112 Navy JSI121 Solar Gold swatch 121 Solar Gold   131 Opaque Brown*
  103 Orange   113 Turquoise JSI122 Silver swatch 122 Silver   132 Opaque Navy*
  104 Red   114 Yellow Green JSI123 Copper swatch 123 Copper   133 Opaque Rubine*
  105 Bright Red   115 Green   124 Opaque Yellow   134 Opaque Ochre*
  106 Scarlet   116 Brown   125 Opaque Orange*   140 Process Yellow
  107 Magenta   117 Black   126 Opaque Red   141 Process Magenta
  108 Violet   118 White   127 Opaque Violet   142 Process Cyan
  109 Sky Blue