Eggshell Mosaic Jewelry Set
Eggshell Mosaic Jewelry Set
This unique, mixed media project creates a dramatic surface for a jewelry box and pendant set using eggshells painted with Jacquard’s Pinata Alcohol Inks.

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SolarFast Negative Generator websiteJacquardSolarFast.com
This easy-to-use, photo-editing website allows you to quickly transform any image into a negative with just the click of a button.

TeeJuice.com website

Jacquard hosts a website dedicated to
art created with Tee Juice Fabric Art Markers - www.TeeJuice.com!

Show your artwork created with Tee Juice,
check out other artists' work and win tons of
cool art supplies


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Jeanie Denim Dye - Green and Pink

So easy, it's like magic!
Jeanie Denim Dye

Jeanie is a no-mess, easy-to-use dye that breathes new life into old denim. Your blue jeans will never be blue again!

Every dyed jean color/shade is unique!!

Jeanie Dye - Before and After

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Jacquard Transfer paper

Newly Improved!
Jacquard Transfer Paper

- More permanent
- Holds up to washing and drying better
- Better adhesion and reduced peeling
- Transfers are softer and more flexible than before
- New matte finish looks more natural on fabric

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