Jacquard produces a broad selection of dyes suitable for a wide variety of fibers and fabrics.

xxxAcid Dye

Acid Dye

Using vinegar (acetic acid) to set the dye, this dye produces the most vivid colors possible on protein fibers.

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xxxBasic Dye

Basic Dye

Bright and easy-to-use dyes for wood & reeds, acrylic fibers, most plastics and leather.

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Beautiful, natural dye produces range of reds, fuchsias, scarlets and purples on all natural fibers.

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xxxConcentrated Vinyl Sulphon

Concentrated Vinyl Sulphon

Professional, highly concentrated dyes. Produce deep, rich, permanent colors an all natural fibers.

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Easy-to-use dye packets dissolve in water - no handling of messy powders! Gorgeous color for natural and polyester fibers.

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Already 60% reduced, this indigo dye is quick and easy to use on any natural fiber.

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xxxProcion MX

Procion MX

Renowned for tie dye, this cold water fiber reactive dye is the most vivid dye for cellulose fibers.

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xxxSilk Colors

Silk Colors

Flowable, paint-on dye. Available in 20 beautiful colors and gorgeous on silk and cellulose fibers.

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Light-developed dye for paper and natural fabrics.

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xxxSuper Fast Acid Dye for Wool

Super Fast Acid Dye for Wool

Colorfast, beautiful dyes for wool and hard-to-dye fibers.

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