Concentrated Vinyl Sulphon

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Concentrated Vinyl Sulphon

Concentrated Vinyl Sulphon dyes are the ultimate surface design tool for studio professionals. The dyes are highly concentrated—an 8 fl oz bottle will yield more than two gallons of ready-to-use dye in a medium shade—and the concentrations are always consistent so that mixed colors can be easily and accurately reproduced. Concentrated Vinyl Sulphon dyes are high energy reactive dyes (equivalent to Remazol dyes) that can be used for any natural fiber, be it plant or protein. Steam set for brilliant, permanent colors that will not alter the original soft hand, sheen or drape of fine fabrics such as silk.

Benefits include:
•  highly concentrated
•  most economical liquid dye available
•  stable over time
•  excellent results on wool
•  excellent for tinting resists and printing pastes
•  exceptional versatility
•  dependable and consistent

screen printing, dyeing, stamping, direct painting, shibori, discharge, tie dye, paste resist and more

all natural fibers: cotton, linen, canvas, rayon, silk, wool and more

Sizes* - 9 Colors

 8 fl oz/0.24 L  (Item CVS2)
 1 qt/0.95  L  (Item CVS3)

*Larger sizes available at the Jacquard Bulk & Specialty Store



  600 Bright Yellow   603 Magenta   606 Blue
  601 Golden Yellow   604 Bordeaux   607 Navy
  602 Red   605 Turquoise   608 Black