From Articles and Projects to Videos and Installations, we are excited to share what others in the community are creating with Jacquard's products! If you would like to share work you have been doing with Jacquard's products, please email us at

BOOK: Intentional Printing, Simple Techniques for Inspired Fabric Art

Book by Lynn Krawczyk

Surface design artist, Lynn Krawczyk, introduces the art of printing on fabric in her amazing 152-page book, “Intentional Printing, Simple Techniques for Inspired Fabric Art.” Valuable printing advice and techniques as well as inspirational, step-by-step projects are explored throughout the book. Many of the paints that are mentioned are Jacquard’s Lumiere, Dye-Na-Flow, Neopaque, Textile Color and Versatex. This guide to printing on fabric is a great resource for beginning or seasoned artists! Publisher: Interweave / F+W-

PDF - Excerpt from book

Excerpt from the book, page 50

Excerpt from the book, page 65

ARTICLE: Make Your Own Silk Screens

Quilting Arts magazine, February/March 2015

Artist Sue Bleiweiss uses Jacquard’s Screen Drawing Fluid and Screen Filler & Block Out to create hand-drawn screens for screen printing in her article, “Make Your Own Silk Screens.” This easy, three-step process is described in detail along with helpful tips and tricks. The result is a custom, hand-drawn screen that is ready to use over and over with the screen printing ink colors of your choice!

The complete article is available in the February/March issue of Quilting Arts magazine.

BOOK: Pigments of Your Imagination, Creating with Alcohol Inks

NEW Book by Cathy Taylor

Award-winning mixed media artist, Cathy Taylor, explores the beauty and versatility of alcohol inks in her new book, “Pigments of Your Imagination, Creating with Alcohol Inks.” The book contains step-by-step projects using alcohol inks, including Jacquard’s Piñata, on a variety of surfaces with many different techniques. This essential guide also offers tips, tricks and a gallery of inspirational work from other artists. Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.

PDF - Excerpt from book

Excerpt from the book

Pigments of Your Imagination – Press Release

Happy Prayer Flag Project

Jacquard Products is extremely proud to have sponsored the The Happy Flag Project this year, an initiative started by Carrie Bloomston of SUCH Designs to honor and welcome the Dalai Lama when he visited Birmingham, AL by blanketing the city in thousands hand-made prayer flags, each one unique. What a welcome!

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to see an array of CREATIVITY!

ARTICLE: Dyeing with SolarFast

Quilting Arts magazine, June/July 2014

Dee Conlon is quick to try new products. She also has a passion for experimenting with different dyes to see the many effects that can be achieved. Once she was introduced to Jacquard’s sunlight developing dye, SolarFast, Dee found many methods to produce art: photo negative printing, shadow printing and resist dyeing. This article illustrates step-by-step instructions of her process as well as tips and techniques for using SolarFast.

Dying with SolarFast Article

ARTICLE: Design Outside The Lines: Inspiration Takes Flight With An Airplane Themed Shirt

Vogue Patterns magazine, June/July 2014

Diane Ericson explores the process of creating a custom shirt in this article. She alters existing garments, adds stenciled planes using Jacquard’s Neopaque paint and draws fine details with Tee Juice Fabric Art Markers to create a beautiful piece of wearable art.

Design Outside The Lines Article, Vogue Patterns magazine

PROJECT: Coloring Cloth with Food Coloring + Glue Gel Resist

Quilting Arts magazine, June/July 2014

Margarita Korioth lives in a small town where art supply stores are not easily accessible. Her method of resist painting on fabric, using Jacquard’s Dye-Na-Flow, is great for using what’s around the house. Her food colored glue gel technique allows precise control, and offers freedom to create any unique shapes and designs.

Coloring Cloth with Food Coloring + Glue Gel Resist

ARTICLE: Art PoP - She was the original. Bold. Sassy. Rebellious.

Airbrush Action magazine, May/June 2014

Troy Pierce, a professional airbrush artist, captures the beauty of Edie Sedgwick using Jacquard’s Airbrush Color and then makes prints of her portrait using SolarFast dye in this article. This collage of portraits on different surfaces, and with different colors, exemplifies Pop Art and shows off the versatility of SolarFast.

Airbrush Action article, Troy Pierce 5-2014

PROJECT: SolarFast and Encaustics on Silk

Darian Stahl - May 2014

Darian Stahl is a print artist currently working on her MFA at the University of Alberta, Canada. Her recent work involves a collaborative process with her sister, Devan Stahl, who has Multiple Sclerosis and works as a bioethicist. Using Jacquard's SolarFast and waxed silk “for its skin-like qualities,” their collaboration speaks to the experience of living with chronic illness.

Darian was gracious enough to share her process with us:

SolarFast and Encaustic Print on Silk

ARTICLE: Drawing on Fabric: Simple Surface Design Techniques Give Your Garments a Personal Touch

Vogue Patterns magazine, February/March 2014

In this article, Diane Ericson discusses inspiration, techniques and design options for embellishing garments with Jacquard's Tee Juice Fabric Art Markers.

Drawing on Fabric Article, Vogue Patterns magazine

ARTICLE: Interview with Asher Katz: “Do or Dye”

Art Materials Retailer magazine, Winter 2014

Learn about Jacquard’s history, the constant improvement of our products and how we fuel trends in this interview with our president, Asher Katz!

Do or Dye, Art Materials Retailer magazine

PROJECT: Pearl Ex Cards Tutorial

Lynn Krawczyk - December 2013

Lynn shows how to beautifully decorate cards using Jacquard's NEW Pearl Ex Chromatic Colors on her Blog, "Smudged Textile Studio."

Pearl Ex Cards Tutorial at

INTERVIEW with Brainstorm

November 2013

Read about Jason Snyder and Briana Feola's fascinating journey from art students to professional screen printers. They use Jacquard's Screen Printing Ink and have produced high-quality art prints for a variety of venues and customers including Billy Name, Urban Outfitters and the Met.

Brainstorm Interview

ARTICLE: Jaquard Color Magnet: Create your own tone-on-tone fabrics

Quilting Arts magazine, October/November 2013

Explore step-by-step instructions and tips for using Jacquard's Color Magnet in this article by Sue Bleiweiss.

Color Magnet Article, Quilting Arts Magazine

ARTICLE: Add Dimension to Paint with Jacquard Puff Additive

ARTICLE: Quilting Arts magazine, August/September 2013

Check out this article by Lynn Krawczyk that puts Jacquard's Puff Additive to the test.

Puff Additive Article, Quilting Arts Magazine

FEATURE: HGTV Magazine named Jacquard's Textile Colors "Best Fabric Paint"

June 2013

Excerpt from page, "Fabric paints often turn material stiff. Not the case with these fade-proof colors, which can be applied with a brush or stamp.”

INSTALLATION: Windmill Sails

Nora Rabins - May 2013

Jacquard was THRILLED to team up with Rhode Island State Council on the Arts and the Newport Restoration Foundation to support this project by Nora Rabins. The Airbrush paint used to decoate the sails was donated by Jacquard Products.

Windmill Sails (

PROJECT: Dye-Na-Flow scarves

Sarah Jones - March 2013

Learn how to make your own Ombre-Dyed scarves using Jacquard's Dye-Na-Flow on Sarah's blog, "Brit + Co." Sarah shows mutiple patterns, and only four supplies are needed to complete the project!

How to Create Gorgeous Patterned Scarves in 15 Minutes (on

INSTALLATION: Delray Beach Gateway

Michelle Newman - March 2013

San Antonio based artist Michelle Newman designed the Delray Beach Gateway in Delray Beach, Florida, using Jacquard’s Dye-Na-Flow paint. It took more than 10 years to conceptualize and create the six curvilinear columns 26 feet tall and 8 feet wide staggered along each side of Atlantic Avenue.

S.A. artist designs major 'gateway' for Florida city (

TV FEATURE: Craft of the Day - Photo Pillows

Martha Stewart Crafts February 2013

Check out this Today Show episode that features pillows created using Jacquard’s Printable Belgian Linen with guest, Jodi Levine of Martha Stewart Living.

VIDEO: How to Make Jewelry Molds DIY

January 2013

Video by Mark Montano shows how to make a mold and decorate the results with Jacquard's Lumiere paint.

TV FEATURE: Decorations to Celebrate a Traditional Mexican Holiday

October 2012

AM Northwest Show with guest, Shirley Rufener In this TV show segment, Shirley Rufener uses stencils with Jacquard's Neopaque and Lumiere paints.

VIDEO: Simple DIY screen print Stars & Stripes

May 2012

Mark Montano demon-strates how to easily make a Stars and Stripes T-shirt using Jacquard's Lumiere paint.

VIDEO: Painting Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotards

March 2012

Jacquard's Neopaque and Textile Color paints are used to decorate leotards for competition.

OUTREACH: The Traveling Canvas

We happily support Taylor "Tae Tae" Davis, an artist and philanthropist. Her non-profit organization for the arts, The Traveling Canvas, "...perform(s) charitable services to strengthen art education for our youth." Tae Tae travels to schools, homeless shelters and hospitals to bring art experiences to kids. We donate many different art supplies to further her cause.

OUTREACH: Empowerment thru Accessories

We are also proud to support an outreach program for women battling cancer called, Empowerment thru Accessories. Artist, Siobhan Elder, lists her mission for this program," ... to put scarves on the heads of women going through chemotherapy while empowering those involved as they learn to paint the silk and then again, when they share their creation with someone in need." Siobhan teaches silk painting, and we are pleased to donate many of the paints she uses in her classes.