Jacquard Airbrush - New Formula!

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Airbrush Color

NO WAY - Leopard from Namur by Ton Jansen  
    NO Way - Leopard from Namur by Ton Jansen

   "Over 30 years of airbrushing I've used all the different
    brands of paint and they all gave me issues. Jacquard
    Airbrush paint is far ahead of them all."

Jacquard Airbrush colors raise the bar for both quality and economy in the world of airbrush paints. This multi-surface, artist-grade, fluid acrylic airbrush paint has been re-formulated for optimal performance at lower pressures, with minimal tip dry. Jacquard’s Airbrush Colors have excellent coverage and washfastness on fabric, with an extremely soft hand. On other surfaces, the colors are vibrant and durable.

Jacquard Airbrush Colors are available in six intermixable varieties:
Transparent, Opaque, Metallic, Fluorescent, Bright and Iridescent.
All the colors are intense and luscious!

Airbrushing, marbling, spritzing, painting, stamping, refilling markers
and pens

Natural and synthetic fabric, leather, wood, paper, plastic, clay, metal
and more!

Sizes - 48 Colors
4 fl oz/118 ml (Item JAB2)
8 fl oz/0.24 L (Item JAB3)*
16 fl oz/0.47 L (Item JAB4)*

Also available
Airbrush Clear Varnish and Exciter Packs


* Indicates 4 colors offered in larger sizes







  100 Yellow   200 Yellow JAB300 Metallic Yellow swatch 300 Yellow
  101 Red   201 Red JAB301 Metallic Red swatch 301 Red
  102 Blue   202 Blue JAB302 Metallic Blue swatch 302 Blue
  103 Green   203 Green JAB303 True Gold swatch 303 True Gold
  104 Violet   204 Violet JAB304 Solar Gold swatch 304 Solar Gold
  105 Brown   205 Sepia JAB305 Silver swatch 305 Silver
  106 Black*   206 Black* JAB306 Copper swatch 306 Copper
  107 White*   207 White* JAB307 Metallic White swatch 307 White






  400 Yellow   500 Yellow JAB600 iridescent yellow swatch 600 Yellow
  401 Hot Pink   501 Red JAB601 iridescent red swatch 601 Red
  402 Blue   502 Blue JAB602 iridescent blue swatch 602 Electric Blue
  403 Green   503 Green JAB603 iridescent green swatch 603 Green
  404 Violet   504 Purple JAB604 iridescent violet swatch 604 Violet
  405 Orange   505 Orange JAB605 iridescent teal swatch 605 Teal
  406 Raspberry   506 Lavender JAB606 iridescent scarlet swatch 606 Scarlet
  407 Sunburst   507 Turquoise JAB607 candy apple red swatch 607 Candy Apple Red