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Stenciling on Fabric with April Sproule

February 22-23, 2018, Diablo Valley Quilters Guild, Danville, CA

Stencils have been around for centuries, but they remain one of the easiest and most effective ways to apply imagery to fabrics. In this one day workshop, we will be using a unique collection of stencils I have developed that are incredibly simple to use.

The following information and techniques will be covered: basic stenciling techniques, borders, allover patterns, central motifs, color mixing, and the layering and shading of the images. You will be amazed at the spectacular results that can be achieved so quickly, and absolutely no painting or drawing experience is required. Featuring Jacquard's Lumiere and Neopaque paints.

The Textile Design Stencils are perfectly suited for a wide variety of fiber art applications such as wearable art, quilting projects, and home décor. An example of items that would be suitable for this workshop would be quilt blocks, wallhangings, table linens, pillow coverings, or whatever you would like to work on.

More information is available in the supply list, and there will be a $20.00 Supply Fee per student, payable in class, in addition to the workshop fee. This fee includes a stencil of your choice to keep and all paints, brushes, stencils, and other items needed. All you will need is the project you want to work on.

Instructor: April Sproule

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Beginning Surface Design with Diane Ericson and Miles Frode

February 23, 2018, Diane Ericson Design Studio, 258 A Street #10, Ashland, OR

Join Diane Ericson and Miles Frode and find your flair with our favorites printing techniques: stenciling, mono printing and painting on fabric with a variety of Jacquard paint products (featuring Lumiere and Neopaque). Miles & Diane will guide you to find your own style with techniques and tricks for getting great results. In class, you’ll create a collection of samples as you develop basic techniques for working on a variety of fabrics including sheers, knits and wovens. Diane and Miles will bring an inspiring collection of samples. Bring ideas, images, fabrics and garments to work on.

Cost: $165
(Class fee includes fabric paints, printing tools, brushes, sponges, stencils to use in class, a handout, a stencil to keep & a collection of fabric samples.)

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Basket Weaving Class with Peeta Tinay

February 24, 2018, Fiber Circle Studios, 8099 La Plaza, Suite H, Cotati, CA

Peeta Tinay is well known across America for her basketry and wicker furniture restoration. Originating from the Bay Area, she now lives in Tacoma, Washington and will be making a special trip to bring us an 8 hour workshop where students will make two 4" diameter baskets of various colors. Peeta will give a mini presentation of her work as well as discuss materials, techniques and her wicker furniture restoration background which brought her to basketry.

In this workshop students will learn how to make a basic basket using over under and basic twining weaving techniques. Students first basket will start off with a pre-woven base and learn how to weave and shape the sides of the basket. Each basket will be finished off with a simple border at the top. Then the second basket will be started from scratch by students.

The class begins with a demonstration of how to make this basket from the beginning. Then once the demo is completed students receive their pre-started base and start weaving. Peeta will provide ample hands on instruction with each student!

All tools will be provided for students during the workshop. Students will receive supply catalogs for materials as well. Featuring Jacquard Basic Dye.

Cost: $150

Please bring hand cream and a lunch. Ages: 18+

Skill Requirements: Some amount of hand strength is needed.

Cold Wax Painting workshop with Lynn Busch

Tuesday, February 27 - 6-8 pm, Preston Arts Center: Gardiner Lane Shopping Center, 3048 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY 40205

Join artist and Jacquard demonstrator, Lynn Busch, for this Cold Wax Painting workshop featuring Dorlands Wax, Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments and Piñata Alcohol Inks.

Cost: $49 - all supplies included

Call 502-454-9954 or click here for more information.

Concept, Passion, Materiality and Craft: East with Susan Stover and Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch

March 7-11, 2018, EncaustiCastle, Lexington, KY

Instructors: Susan Stover and Patricia Baldwin

The simplest of materials, the humblest of tools, the sincerest of results. Tar. Rust. Wax. Found materials. Come try something old, in a new way~ Whether you work intuitively or with fully formed ideas, this workshop will explore the threads that run through our work, what drives us to create, what draws us to work with certain materials, and how we can hone our skills to complete our best work. Join artists Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch and Susan Stover for this in depth intensive at the EncaustiCastle in Lexington, Kentucky. This all-inclusive retreat explores all Sue and Trish have developed with materials, ideas and what inspires their practices, in expectation that they can help to further your own individual direction. This is an investment of deep exploration in encaustic with intense focus on tar and rust interplay. 

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Alcohol Inks Dreamscaping with June Rollins

March 9-11, 2018, John C. Campbell Folk School, 4590 Brasstown Road, Brasstown, NC

"Dreamscaping" with alcohol inks (featuring Jacquard's Piñata Alcohol Inks) is a relaxing, intuitive art process that uses no pre-planned sketches or brushes - and requires no drawing or art experience. Learn to slow down and become mesmerized by flowing, brilliant, transparent hues mingling and morphing into small abstracted landscapes, ranging in size from 3"x5" to 8"x10". This class is designed and structured for those who have not yet tried this fascinating, entrancing, forgiving medium. Beginners only, please. 

Instructor: June Rollins
Tuition: $354.00

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Indigo + Woodblock Workshop

March 11, 2018: 10am - 2pm, CHI design indigo studio, 3505 Yale Avenue, Columbia SC 29205

Indigo is an ancient dye derived from the leaves of plants and surrounded by magic, mystery and folklore. Discover how the leaves ‘make blue’ by learning about the character and chemistry of the natural indigo vat.

Students will initially learn how a non-fermented indigo vat is made. Natural East Indian indigo powder will be used, and the vat will be ‘reduced’ using a commercially available agent (theox). Students will then dye either a set of napkins, a scarf or linen. When the fabric is washed and dry, the fun will begin with stamping all sorts of fun Indian woodblock designs with Jacquard's Textile Color paint. You will enjoy the surprise of seeing everyone's unique creations and go home with your own.

LEVEL - Beginner and intermediate 

- Instructor will provide all material
- Please check website for other recommended items that you should bring

Workshop Cost: $62.00 - non refundable

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Exploring Lands(cape) with Pattern and Encaustic: A Wine Country Retreat with Susan Stover and Lorraine Glessner

April 16-20, 2018, 10:00am - 4:00pm each day, Atelier One Artist Studios #8, 2860 Bowen Street, Graton, CA

Instructors: Susan Stover and Lorraine Glessner

The mark of nature combined with encaustic painting creates timeless works which reference memory, change and time. Whether inspired by patterns and textures of distant lands or the immediate environment, we will utilize the natural luminosity, textural and layering possibilities of encaustic in combination with pattern and repetition on fabric and paper. Participants will experiment with innovative materials, drawing and marks to depict the spirit and essence of the land as each chooses to define it. This workshop focuses on the creation of intricate patterns, expressive personal surfaces and complex, multi-layered pieces utilizing and in combination with encaustic painting techniques such as patterned collage, stencils, candy molds, tjaps, and pyrography (creating marks with heated metal and wood burning tools). Considerations such as using pattern and repetition to support and/or strengthen content as well as presentations by both instructors on their inspirations and how it relates to the subject of lands/landscape will also be discussed. Daily walks exploring the area’s vineyards, orchards, redwood forests and the Pacific coast are led by Susan and Lorraine and will provide the inspiration for which to develop ideas while also developing your personal artistic voice through listening, mapping, touching, collecting and communing with nature through all of the senses. Optional individual critiques with both instructors will be offered to all participants.

**Please note that participants should be prepared to spend time outside as well as in the studio. In the event that participants are unable to participate in the workshop walks, participants are welcome to opt out and alternative outdoor creative exercises will be provided.

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Upcycled Clothing with April Sproule

June 14-15, 2018, Valley Oak Quilt Guild, Tulare, CA

I will be teaching a day and a half long workshop on Upcycled Clothing for the Valley Oak Guild on June 14-15, 2018, in Tulare, CA. I will also be presenting a talk and trunk show titled: the Myth of Creative Genius.

Beginning with a new or gently used garment, the participants in this workshop will create a one-of-a kind wearable art piece using the Textile Design Stencils and features Jacquard's Lumiere and Neopaque paints. The process of upcycling, or repurposing garments, is a perfect way to transform a boring garment into a fun and unique piece of wearable art.This experience can be extremely rewarding and gratifying.

T-shirts, tunics, skirts, tote bags, or whatever else you would like to use are all suitable projects. Unlined garments are generally easier to work with, and I often combine one or more garments.

Clothing does not have to be taken apart and resewn unless desired, but if you want to work on a piece that is under construction, feel free to do so. No prior experience with garment construction, painting, or drawing is required. Some hand embellishment will be covered if time permits.

Note: There will be a $20.00 Supply Fee payable in class that includes all the paints, brushes, and stencils you will need for the day. The fee also includes a stencil of your choice to keep.

Instructor: April Sproule

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4 Inset-Handle Twined Basket Class by Peeta Tinay

June 29-July 3, 2018, Peters Valley School of Craft, 19 Kuhn Road, Layton, NJ

Come deepen and improve your fundamental skills of weaving while building upon them with new techniques.

The Four Inset-Handle Basket is made using the technique of twining and has a substantial rolled border. Multiple sizes of round reed are used throughout the basket with a focus on attention to hand placement, tension and shaping. Each step of the basket will be demonstrated with ample hands on instruction given to each participant.

Topics covered include; selection and preparation of materials, the reed dye process (featuring Jacquard Basic Dye), and a multiple step finishing process on the completed baskets. The finished work will be approximately 20" diameter by 6" tall. This is a rewarding and challenging class suitable for experienced weavers who possess hand strength and twining experience. Intermediate to Advanced.

Instructor: Peeta Tinay

Tuition: $605 (lunch is included) 
Studio/Materials Fee: $165 
Registration Fee: $30* (listed as "shipping" in cart) *Members use coupon code WAIVEFEE at check-out


Peeta’s love of weaving grew from her wicker furniture restoration background which began in 1990 to 2000 in Berkeley, California. Instantaneously her passion for craft and design was ignited! The restoration of antique and contemporary wicker furniture ran the gamut from simple cane wrap replacements on the legs of chairs to full reweaves of chairs, tables, and planters etc. The blending of old to new finishes also became an important part of the restoration work. It was during the early 1990’s that Peeta began teaching basketry as well. A move to the Pacific Northwest in spring of 2000 provided the opportunity to start making woven home furnishings from the ground up using her own designs. Her work today is the culmination of 27 years ranging from woven restoration work, custom woven garment accents for a NYC fashion designer during Fashion Week Spring 2007, work with interior designers and her own basket work. www.tinaystudio.com

Four Inset Handle Basket: An Immersion in Round Reed by Peeta Tinay

October 21-27, 2018, Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts,Gatlinburg, TN

During this workshop students rediscover the fundamental skills of twining, using round reed as they create their own basket. Participants learn techniques including hand placement, tension and shaping while weaving. As your basket comes to completion, you will learn the multiple step finishing process that brings depth and luster (featuring Jacquard Basic Dye). This is a challenging, but rewarding intermediate-level class. Prior twining experience and hand strength are required. Click here for more information.


Peeta Tinay (tinaystudio.com) is a contemporary basket maker from Tacoma, Washington. She started her career in 1990 restoring antique and contemporary wicker furniture. Her baskets represent many years of experimentation with traditional forms and techniques to create the unique and bold work she makes today. Tinay exhibits nationally and leads workshops internationally.