Teresa Goins


Teresa Goins started Goins Textile Design in the 70's, becoming one of the trade name hand-dyers in the popular hand-painting era for Home Furnishings. For years Teresa's core technique involved strict formulas of Procion H dyes (discontinued), foam brushes, and templates. With these techniques she has developed a highly successful collection of textile designs which she markets through wholesale interior design showrooms.

During the industry slowdown that occurred after 9/11, Teresa was looking for a way to lower costs and hit upon Dye-Na-Flow which eliminates steaming, wash-off, and pressing. While some of her designs did not translate well, such as those that used watercolor wash effects, many designs did. Plus, Dye-Na-Flow allowed for additional techniques, such as dry brush effects, that do not work with dyes.

"As I experimented with Dye-Na-Flow, I found some compatability with my technique, and some constraints. I have translated most of my Procion H color formulas to Dye-Na-Flow and have found success working with them, and they are less volatile. Techniques vary with each project. Basically, I use foam brushes, and hair or nylon brushes work well for detail. Often, if I am hand-painting in repeat, I will make a template for the design which locates the specific colors, make those marks, then take the template away so that I can paint more freely.”

“Unlike dyes, you can get a dry-brush effect with these products. In order to control traveling issues, I use Sodium Alginate. I always keep on hand water containers that have different percentages of sodium alginate so if I want a pastel color but need to control the travel, I have a choice of thickeners."

Jacquard products used: Dye-Na-Flow and Sodium Alginate