Product News 2014

NEW PRODUCT: SolarFast Starter Kit

Create photographs, photograms and shadow prints on paper or fabric in a matter of minutes with the new SolarFast Starter Kit! Simply apply SolarFast to fabric or paper, place objects, drawings or photos on top, expose to sunlight, and watch the color magically appear! On fabric, prints are completely soft to the touch, permanent, washable and always safe for children. You supply the fabric or artist paper, and the kit comes with everything else you need to get started.

NEW WEBSITE: SolarFast Negative Generator

Use this photo-editing app to easily transform any image into a negative with the click of the button!


NEW PRODUCT: Film Marker

Draw directly onto SolarFast Film or other film media with this opaque marker to create film negatives for SolarFast prints or film positives for burning silk screens.

NEW PRODUCT: SolarFast Class Pack

You provide the garments and the kit includes everything else you need for a SolarFast group project (up to 30 participants).


Get ready to experience the most brilliant colors possible! All the dye and chemicals you need are in Jacquard's Acid Dye Set. This set includes four colors of Jacquard's Acid Dye, that can be mixed to produce practically any color in the spectrum, and Citric Acid to help fix the dyes and exhaust the dye bath. Bring the fabric and let the color magic begin!

NEW PRODUCT: SolarFast Dye

SolarFast is an exciting new line of light-developed dyes for paper and fabric! It is used to create photograms, continuous tone photographs, shadow prints, and ombrès on fabric and paper. 

Place objects on coated substrate to block development during exposure. Any object that casts a shadow will create an image. Use a film negative to create permanent photographs on paper or fabric. SolarFast is permanent, washable, and leaves fabric completely soft. Best of all, there is no heat setting, steaming or chemical fixing required!