Press Releases


PDF - New Body Art Kit from Jacquard-JaguaNew JAGUA Body Art Kit from Jacquard (March 2017)

PDF - PR NEW Magic Touch Class Packs from Jacquard!NEW Magic Touch Class Packs from Jacquard! (February 2017)


PDF - PR Cyanotype Fabrics Capture Creative Child AwardCyanotype Fabrics Capture Creative Child Award (October 2016)

PDF - PR NEW Clear Extender Airbrush MediumNEW Clear Extender Airbrush Medium (October 2016)

PDF - Warm Up with NEW Colors from Jacquard!Warm Up with NEW Colors from Jacquard! (October 2016)

3 NEW TOOLS from Jacquard!3 NEW TOOLS from Jacquard! (September 2016)

PDF - PR Pinata Exciter Pack-Updated ColorsPiñata Exciter Pack - Updated Colors (June 2016)

PDF - PR Color-removing Products from JacquardR. Monte Weatherby (June 2016)

PDF - PR Color-removing Products from JacquardColor-removing Products from Jacquard (May 2016)


PDF - PR NEW Neutral Grey & BULK Color MagnetWorld's best paints for SHOES, SNEAKERS and LEATHER (November 2015)

PDF - PR NEW Neutral Grey & BULK Color MagnetNEW Procion MX Neutral Grey & BULK Color Magnet (September 2015)

PDF - NEW Cyanotype Products from JacquardNow Available Henna in Bulk (July 2015)

PDF - NEW Cyanotype Products from JacquardNEW Cyanotype Products from Jacquard (July 2015)

PDF - PR NEW Marbling Colors and Improved KitsNEW Metallic Calligraphy Set (July 2015)

PDF - PR NEW Marbling Colors and Improved KitsNEW Marbling Colors and Improved Kits (May 2015)

PDF - PR Jeanie Denim Dye: Now Available and ShippingJeanie Denim Dye: Now Available and Shipping (April 2015)

PDF - PR Newly Improved Transfer PaperNewly Improved Transfer Paper! (February 2015)


PDF - New SolarFast Starter KitNew SolarFast Starter Kit! (October 2014)

PDF - New Tools for SolarFast!New Tools for SolarFast! (July 2014)

PDF - SolarFast Bulk Sizes Now Available!SolarFast Bulk Sizes Now Available! (June 2014)

PDF - NEW Acid Dye Starter SetNEW Acid Dye Starter Set! (June 2014)

Tee Juice Website Re-Design: Get your Tee Juice On! (April 2014)

SolarFast 2.0: Newly improved and odorless! (January 2014)


PDF - PR Cernit Discontinued Cernit Polymer Clay: It's Hard to Say Goodbye (December 2013)

pdf2NEW Pearl Ex Chromatic Colors are here! (December 2013)

pdf2It's here!!! SolarFast - Sunlight-developed dye (August 2013)

PDF - PR Cochineal dye now available from Jacquard!Cochineal Dye Now Available from Jacquard! (August 2013)

PDF Press Release - iPrint RibbonIntroducing iPrint Ribbon! (July 2013)

PDF Press Release - Color Magnet Dye KitsPersonalized, No Mess Tie Dye! - New Color Magnet Dye Kits (April 2013)

PDF Press Release - Airbrush new formulaJacquard Airbrush Colors - New Formula & New Look! (March 2013)

PDF Press Release - New iDye Poly colors8 New iDye Poly Colors! (March 2013)

PDF Press Release - Earth ColorsNEW Earth Colors from Jacquard! (March 2013)

PDF Press Release - Puff AdditiveNew Puff Additive for Screen Inks (March 2013)


PDF Press Release - iDye Fixative sleeveiDye Fixative Available in a 14 g sleeve (December 2012)

PDF Press Release - Lumiere 3D ClearLumiere 3D Now Available in CLEAR! (Decemeber 2012)

PDF New Pearl Ex Duo ColorsTwo NEW Pearl Ex Duo Colors (September 2012)

PDF New Metallic Pinata ColorsNew Metallic Piñata Colors - Rich Gold & Silver (August 2012)

PDF Color MagnetColor Magnet™ - Dye Attractant (August 2012)

PDF Fabric Sculpting MediumJacquard's New Fabric Sculpting Medium (July 2012)

PDF Screen Printing CompanionsJacquard's Screen Drawing Fluid and Screen Filler & Block Out (July 2012)

PDF ASher Katz promoted to VP of SalesAsher Katz promoted to V.P. of Sales (April 2012)

PDF Lumiere 3DNew Lumiere 3D Dimensional Metallic Paint & Adhesive (April 2012)


Jacquard Screen Ink Discharge Additive Press ReleaseJacquard Screen Ink Discharge Additive (May 2011)

PDF Accessories Re-BrandAccessories Packaging Re-brand (May 2011)


8 New Tee Juice Colors (December 2010)8 New Tee Juice Colors (December 2010)

iDye Available in Bulk (December 2010)iDye Available in Bulk (December 2010)

New Quilting Plan-O-Gram (October 2010)New Quilting Plan-O-Gram (October 2010)

New Products for Quilters (October 2010)New Products for Quilters (October 2010)

New Bamboo Fabrics (July 2010)New Bamboo Fabrics (July 2010)

New Screen Print Kits (July 2010)

SteamJet Fabric Finisher for Inkjet on Fabric (July 2010)

Inkjet Bamboo Fabric (July 2010)

Parents Choice Awards-Jewel Tone Tye Dye Kits (June 2010)

Educational Exploration! Class Packs (June 2010)

New Tee Juice Art Marker Kits (May 2010)

New Camo Tye Dye Kit (May 2010)

New Mehndi Glitter Kit (May 2010)

7 New Jewel Tone Tie Dye Kits (May 2010)

New Look for Jacquard Kits (May 2010)


Silk Hoops Resist Project (October 2009)

New Medium Point Tee Juice Pens (June2009)

iDye: DIY-ERS Become DI-DYERS (May 2009)

New Jacquard Pro Screen Ink Colors (May 2009)

New Line of Waxes (May 2009)

Groovy Tie Dye Kits (April 2009)

New Indigo Dye Kit (April 2009)


New Transfer Paper (June2008)

Introducing iDye (February 2008)

New Stenciling DVD (February 2008)

Introducing Cernit Clay (February 2008)