Photo Emulsion and Diazo Sensitizer

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Photo Emulsion

Photo Emulsion (used with the accompanying Diazo Sensitizer) is a light-sensitive emulsion used to burn stencils directly into a silk screen for photo imaging. It is the staple emulsion for making screens with photos, lettering, logos or detailed images. Jacquard’s Photo Emulsion is super durable, allowing for superior detail, and is easily reclaimed from the screen using diluted bleach.

- Click here for a short video showing how to prepare a screen for screen printing!


 8 fl oz/0.24 L  (Item JSI2130) pictured
 16 fl oz/0.47 L   (Item JSI3130)

Fill Diazo Sensitizer bottle half full with water. Replace cap and shake well. Add to Photo Emulsion and stir thoroughly. Replace lid on Photo Emulsion and let sit for 1-2 hours. Coat screen and let dry. Keep screen away from all light before exposing. Store Photo Emulsion in cool dark place.

CAUTION! Use with ventilation. Do not get in eyes or on skin. Wear protective gloves. Not intended for use by children.

- Click here for the SDS sheet for Photo Emulsion



Light Source Distance from Screen Exposure Time
 200 watt incandescent  24"/60.96 cm 22-25 minutes 
 150 watt incandescent  24"/60.96 cm 30-33 minutes
 100 watt indoor flood  18"/45.72 cm 50-55 minutes
 60 watt indoor fluorescent 18"/45.72 cm 45-48 minutes
sunlight   ----- 10-30 seconds