Paint a Beach Chair

by Kim Meyer

This chair cover fits over a typical metal folding chair. The canvas cover can be found through catalog companies or in fabric and craft stores. Also available are covers to go over certain styles of dining chairs. In doing this project, I found that you could stop painting at various points for several different versions of the pattern. If you are doing a whole set of chair covers, you might consider this for avariety of coordinating patterns.


  • Canvas Beach Chair
  • Jacquard Fabric Paints: We used Textile Colors: White, Sky Blue, Yellow Ochre, Brown.
  • Disposable palette or cups
  • 1" brush
  • 1" roller
  • Sponge

Step 1

1) Remove canvas from the chair and lay flat on a protected surface.

2) On two separate palettes or plates, put a small amount of paint. One palette is for the sky and water colors and the other is for the sand colors.

3) Divide the canvas horizontally into 3 sections. We went about halfway up for the sand, up another 8" for the water, and the remainder for the sky. Each section will blend into the other so exact dimensions are not important.

4) Paint the canvas by using loose horizontal strokes. Load the brush or roller by dabbing it a little in the colors you want to use in that area. The water can be painted darker near the “shore” and fade as it moves towards the horizon. You can use a sponge for the sky to simulate clouds.

5) Let dry completely and heat fix.

Finished project

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Paint a Beach Chair