Jacquard Screen Kits

Jacquard Products has two screen printing kits featuring Jacquard Screen Inks that will appeal to beginners and professional screen printers alike. The Semi-Transparent Colors Screen Printing Kit is designed for printing on light backgrounds. The Opaque Colors Screen Printing Kit is designed for printing on dark backgrounds.

NOTE: You will need to supply the fabric.

JSI9000 - JSI Semi-Transparent Kit (yellow)
JSI9001 - JSI Opaque Kit (blue)

Jacquard Screen Kit
(semi-transparent - light backgrounds)
Item JSI9000

Jacquard Screen Kit
(opaque - dark backgrounds)

Item JSI9001

Included in the kits:

  • Pre-stretched silk screen with aluminum frame (10" x 14"/25.4 cm x 35.56 cm)

  • Aluminum handled squeegee (9"/22.86 cm)

  • 4 fl oz/118.29 ml jars of Jacquard Screen Inks:

    • JSI9000: 1 each in: Red, Blue, Yellow and Black

    • JSI9001: 1 each in Opaque Blue, Opaque Red, Opaque Yellow and Super Opaque White

  • 4 fl oz/118.29 ml Photo Emulsion

  • 0.01 oz / 1/3 g Diazo Sensitizer

  • 3 acetate sheets

  • Stir stick

  • Instruction booklet in 3 languages (English, Spanish, French)