Neopaque shares many characteristics with Lumiere but is not pearlescent. Formulated for maximum coverage on dark grounds, these highly pigmented opaque paints are durable, flexible and soft on a variety of surfaces, including fabric, leather, clay and canvas. To increase transparency, mix with 579 Extender.

Neopaque Tote Bag-Bird

paint, screen, stencil, stamp; add to Lumiere for an antique effect

natural and synthetic fabrics, leather, wood, canvas, clay, vinyl, plastic, rubber, paper and more

Sizes* - 13 Colors
2.25 fl oz/66.54 ml (Item JAC1)
8 fl oz/0.24 L (Item JAC2)
1 gal/3.79 L (Item JAC4)

*Larger sizes available at the Jacquard Bulk & Specialty Store

Also available
Neopaque Flowable Extender
Mix with Neopaque and Lumiere paints to increase transparency.

Neopaque 8 Color Set

Lumiere & Neopaque Exciter Pack


   580 Yellow   584 Blue   588 Black   592 Brown
  581 Gold Yellow   585 Turquoise   589 White    
  582 Magenta   586 Violet   590 Ochre    
  583 Red   587 Green   591 Russet