Halloween Treat Tote

by Victoria Garcia/courtesy of Jacquard Products

Halloween has always been a favorite holiday in our family. So although she is well into college, I wanted my darling daughter to have her own special Trick or Treat bag. Because she is away at college she will receive it full of goodies – think laundry detergent, toothpaste, shampoo and of course her favorite candy!!



Tip: The internet is a great source for copyright-free images for your stencil and transfer images!

1) Prewash tote bag. I recommend using Synthrapol.
2) I used Microsoft Word and printed a picture of a pumpkin onto a regular sheet of paper then cut out the image making a paper stencil.
3) Using a foam brush stencil Color Magnet™ for Silk Screening onto the tote. Let air dry.

Step 1

4) Following the directions on the container of Procion MX, dye the tote. (I found I only needed to use 75% of the recommended dye.) You’ll see the image stenciled with Color Magnet is a darker shade. After rinsing it clear I put it into my dryer with a couple of towels to get it dry. I then ironed it smooth.

Step 2

5) With my inkjet printer, I printed out a haunted house image onto the Transfer Paper and let it air dry for a few minutes. Follow the directions on the Transfer Paper package to transfer your image.

Step 3

Step 4

6) Personalize with Tee Juice Fabric Art Markers.

Step 5

Finished project

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Halloween Treat Tote