Dyeing a Parker Jacket
  • Greetings!.. =]

    I have a dark grey, 83% polyester and 17% cotton mix Parker jacket.

    If I were to dye this jacket using the "iDye black" ... in the washing machine - but less of it.

    ...would it give me the dark charcoal grey colour I'm after?

    Any advise would be much appreciated.

    Many Thanks

  • Hi Ben,
    Here is the deal: iDye comes in two varrieties, one for natual fibers and one for synthetic fibers. The iDye Black will only dye the cotton in your jacket, which is only 17% of the jacket's content. If you dyed it with iDye Poly Black, it would dye the polyester, which is the majority of your fabric (83%). So for a charcoal grey you have a couple options: dye it in the machine with the iDye for Natural Fabrics, and you will get a partially black jacket that may look like a light grey from a short distance. Dye it in a diluted dye bath with iDye Poly (on the stove top, with just a portion of the dye powder), and you'll get a more uniform grey color (you can control the intensity of the black/grey by adjusting the dilution and/or dye time). You may also add the iDye Natural to the same bath as the iDye Poly for total uniformity.... Just remember that the hotter the dye gets, the deepr the color and the more even the dye job will be. Grey is just diluted black. But with blended fabrics, it's just a little bit more complicated...
    I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!
    Good Luck!
  • Many thanks for your reply... will give it a shot - experiment ;-]


  • Gosh it's been a year! ... and in all this time I never got round to dyeing this jacket.... untill now.. =]

    So I have one more quick question..
    ..... I know the best results come from dying on the stove when using iDye poly ..... but if I used iDye poly black in the washing machine @ 90 degrees (that's the hottest my machine goes to) ... do you think that would make it come out as a dark grey maybe? - would 90 degrees be hot enough?... (also using iDye poly wouldn't cause any damage to the machine would it? - just checking)

    Many thanks for any help
  • Hi Ben,

    Chances are you would get a shade of one of the components that make up the black dye is you were to use the lower temperature. Not something we would recommend unless you are willing to be happy with a greenish or perhaps a bluish shade of grey.

  • Ok... sorry for my late reply..
    polyesters a pain... :-D

    Many thanks anyway for your help... =]