Dye-Na-Flow setting
  • OK - up front I'm a newbie at this and I sort of hate asking - it's just that I'm really tight on materials to test..

    I'm building a "knock your socks off" kayak that is skinned in an I-dyed polyester. I want to use the Dye-Na-Flow to create a geometrical design on the deck. I've sorted through all the instructions with the resist and the Dye-Na-Flow and am just about ready to test.

    Two questions:

    The easy one first - with a design - let's just say a naughts and crosses grid where I want to use the Dye-Na-Flow in each of the five diagonal squares - will I get a spot at the intersecting points of the squares where the resist is? So I can't get a point-to point result????

    Secondly, how do I best set the Dye-Na-Flow, given that I can't get to the underside of the deck - "set with a hot iron to the reverse side". I've seen references to steaming - but can't find any definitive instructions. My first test will be to use a hot iron on the "face" side......

    I should mention that there will be a waterproofing agent over the top...(so maybe I don't even need to set the Dye-Na-Flow???

    Any comments would be welcome - happy to steam.....

  • Hi Peter,

    Glad you asked!
    Regarding the resist and your intersecting points, you are correct in assuming that you will have an area free of color (no color intersection) as a result of using the resist. You could get around that by coloring the resist with a bit of Dye-Na-Flow, though that is tricky because Dye-Na-Flow would quickly thin the resist.
    The other question about setting your Dye-Na-Flow - easy! We make an additive called Air Fix which allows paints to air cure over the course of 48 - 72 hours. This removes the necessity for heat setting. I'd encourage you to use the Air Fix even though you are waterproofing (or even because you are) as I presume the waterproofing medium is a liquid.

    Hope all this helps
  • Thanks Annette,

    A) I'll rethink my design (good to be adaptable:) )
    B) Air Fix sounds perfect - I'll get some and test....

    I think I'm still on the right track.......thanks again,
  • You are most welcome!