Gradation Dyeing
  • Does anyone know how to create a smooth gradation?
  • Hi Zivas-mom,

    Thanks for writing in.
    There are multiple methods for achieving a smooth gradation when ombre dyeing. It would be easiest to address your specific project knowing the fiber type, if it is a garment or fabric or yarns/threads and if you are shooting for a gradation from light to dark in the same color or graduating from one color to another.
    For some basics, check out this blog post by Dr. Rixa Freeze, she has used iDye for her project and achieved beautiful results!

  • Thanks annette for the blog link, I'm finding it very helpful. And I'm dyeing fabric of 100% cotton.
  • Because you are dyeing 100% cotton you can use either the iDye or Procion MX dyes so you have a couple of options.
    I, personally, would use the Procion MX - I find the results more predictable and when dyeing with cold or tap hot water gives better results with the deeper shades, however, if you prefer a somewhat simpler method go for the iDye - it is easy peasy to use.