Help with Overdying Synthetic Yarn
  • I've found a mixed fiber yarn (poly/acrylic/nylon) in what I would describe as a grey color with a pinkish/purplish tint (I've seen it described as a heather plum as well). For a large project, I bought them at a deep discount in the hopes of overdying them to a denim/indigo color and I'm having problems.

    First, I was thinking I'd dye it a darker gray, so I did one skein in a black dye bath (1 hour on stove top with liquid RIT) and it turned it a brownish, charcoal gray. Now that I've decided that I really do want blue, I did another skein in a blue dye bath (1 hour on stove top with "evening blue" liquid RIT) and it turned out dark gray.

    Any suggestions? I know that with blue being a primary color, you can't mix two non-blue colors to get blue, but is there a good way to do this to get a denim blue? Less time? This next attempt, I'm going to use the iDye stuff for polys.

    What about reduced indigo? Can you over-dye with indigo and achieve blue?

  • Trying to decide between the iDye blue for poly or the reduced indigo. And, trying to decide if I should try a color remover before either of the above.
  • Pre-reduced indigo is only for natural fibers and won't work on synthetics. You really want to try to strip the color if you want to achieve a blue with the iDye Poly. You can strip it with either Jacquard Color Remover or bleach. The effectiveness of the color remover depends on the particular colorant of the yarn. It will only work on some dyes (not pigments).

  • Thanks Jenny! So beyond stripping the color, can you think of another way to achieve blue? Should I worry about the integrity of the fabric if I strip it and dye it? I bought enough to experiment, so I guess it doesn't matter...only one way to really find!
  • There really isn't any other way. Dyes are transparent, so the base color is going to skew your results as long as it is there.

  • Just so everyone knows, the heather grey synthetic yarn with the pink hues that they sell for a $1 a skein comes out a beautiful lavender when you overdye it with the iPoly Blue. I only left it in for 5 minutes, so I'm sure it would end up a brilliant purple if left longer.

    Now for my next problem...

    Apparently, I'm a very messy person. I've managed to make an absolute mess of my kitchen counters doing this project. There's blue everywhere! What is your best suggestion for cleaning my counters?

  • I usually clean up with a bleached based cleaner and let the stains soak a little if they don't come off right away.