Saving mixed dyes
  • Every summer my art camp students tie dye t-shirts with procion dyes using squirt bottles. Each week I mix new dye dumping out the old. Frankly, I am getting tired of the mixing process and all the wasted dye!

    I would prefer pasting up ALL the color I need for the summer at one time and then pouring into bottles and diluting it as needed. I'm a bit leary of doing this since I've found that old dyes really do lose their potency, but I'm wondering if refrigeration would help. Does anyone have experience with this?

    Thanks for any suggestions you may have!
  • Procion MX dyes are reactive dyes and that reaction speeds up when moisture is present (and really gets going once it "meets" the soda ash). We recommend that once the dyes are mixed with water that they be used within 2 weeks. So, while we don't recommend that you mix up enough for the whole summer, you could have the kids use the dye from the previous week first before using fresh bottles of dye.