Pearl-Ex and Crystal casting resin
  • I would like to know if it is possible to mix liquid Pearl-Ex pigments with Crystal castin resin.
    Thanks for your advise,
  • Yes, the PearlEx powders work well with resins.

  • Thanks a lot for your reply, but I needed to know if the LIQUID Pearl-Ex pigments can be mixed with Crystal casting resin. Could you please advise? Thanks a lot, petra
  • Petra,

    We do not have a liquid Pearl Ex, however, we do have the Lumiere line of pearl and metalized paints. Are these what you are referring to?

  • Dear Anet,

    I mean Pearl-Ex liquid inks for stamping pads, I think they were discontinued but we still have some in stock. Thanks for your advise, petra
  • AH-HA - Thank you for that clarification! I think that because the inks are water based there maybe some interaction. I'm not familiar with the brand of resin you mention so I don't know for certain. I would suggest contacting the company that makes the resin and ask them if using a water based acrylic pigment is acceptable.
  • Dear Anet,

    thanks for your reply, it´s GÉDÉO Crystal Resin, I will try to contact them.
    Rgds, petra