Green Label dyes on silk velvet
  • I purchased some rayon/silk velvet to dyed and emboss. I used the green label dyes on some samples. It took the dye beautifully, but I don't know if it will hold. I have not fixed it yet. I also have some rayon satin. I am planning on purchasing fiber reactive dyes soon, but I am not quite ready to take that plunge just yet. Can I dye my rayons with the green label dyes? Thank you, Rainy
  • Rayon cannot be dyed with Green Label Silk Colors, because these dyes have acid added for a low pH for dyeing silk, while rayon and other cellulose fibers can be dyed only at a high pH. The dye will wash out of the rayon plush part of your velvet, but it will stay in the silk backing.

    The Green Label dyes are Remazol type dyes. So are the Red Label dyes, which contain the same dyes and are at twice the strength. However, the Red Label dyes are not acidified, which means they work great on cotton and rayon, when used with soda ash or trisodium phosphate. For example, look at this page on my site:

    It shows some cotton clothing that I dyed with Jacquard Red Label Silk Colors plus trisodium phosphate.

    Rayon is best dyed with fiber reactive dyes, including both Procion MX dyes and the Remazol dyes sold as Jacquard Red Label Silk Colors. See my page on How to Dye Rayon.

  • I have tryed al sorts of wierd and wonderful things and NOTHING is working. Dreaming about it at night. Any help would be SOOOOO appreciated.

    Thanks ANNA
  • If you use Red Label Dyes with a high pH, as produced by soda ash, trisodium phosphate, or a similar household chemical, then they react very well with cellulose fibers, such as cotton and rayon, and do not wash out. They work very much like Procion MX dyes, though at a slightly higher temperature. See my page on vinyl sulfone fiber reactive dyes. Unlike cellulose fibers, silk will work with these dyes at either extreme of pH.

    Green Label Dyes wash out of cellulose fibers, although they are the same type of dye, because they have been pre-acidified for silk painting. You can't use them at the high pH required for rayon.