Orgonite (Fiberglass Resin) + Pearl Ex
  • Orgonite is a mixture of crystals and metal suspended in fiberglass resin.

    Info about orgonite can be found here:

    I used Pearl Ex Pigments for the color.

    This batch uses aluminum, iron oxide powder, and titanium.

    I crushed up some rose quartz, quartz, aquamarine, some green stone, black tourmaline. Had crushed green selenite.

    I added lavender oil to the resin.

    I used crushed bits of sage, a couple tiny sea shells. Various stones. Tons of great quartz I got from Sensei.

    I did multiple multiple layers. Bits of clear here and there to make sure colors stuck.

    I don't sell my orgonite (yet) but demand is skyrocketing ever since I got these pigments. There are plenty of orgonite vendors, though I like the best. But nobody else has used these pigments yet! And they are the BEST

  • Orgonite is excellent thing.... you have done a great work..the color scheme used in all these are excellent..keep it up buddy :)