Home Made Steamer
  • I am steaming shuibori, that I have applied acid dyes to. There is only one layer of fabric. I sprayed with vinager. I would like to set the dye in my home made a steamer. Which I made from a galvanized stove pipe. Set in a stock pot, on top of a electric burner. I plan to use an oven thermometer to monitor the temp. What temp. does the steamer need to reach and how long should the fabric stay in for?

  • Hi,
    The main thing to ensure is that the water is boiling and that steam is being produced. You should let the water boil before timing the steaming. 1 hour at boiling point or steam producing temperature should be enough to set a small amount of fabric. Note the temperature in a verticle steamer will be cooler at the top of the pipe with the further away from the heat you go and may cause condensation. So do a test first if possible.
  • I did not start steaming until the water was boiling, then I put the pipe and fabric in, after 30 min it was at 150. I guess I shoule probably go for 1 hour?