Printing on silk with epson
  • Hello,
    I am currently undertaking the new medium of digital fabric printing.
    To start my printer is an Epson 9800 Peizo head printer.
    What I am wanting to do is print as detailed as possible on silk.
    I am planning on purchasing Jacquard Inks, Habotai Silk and a Wastatch textile RIP. This seems like the most popular combination from my reserch so far.
    Does anyone have any better suggestions to save me time and money?
    I will probably have many more questions later so if you forsee any advise I will need please let me know!
    Thanks a bunch,
  • Hi Nick,

    I've forwarded your message to our resident inkjet guru. We'll get back to you.

  • I also have problems with color printing on Procoat Crepe-de chine silk Fabric in Photoshop.
    I print with Epson 1800 - on paper the colors are birght and vibrant and on fabric are very dull. Steaming is not the solution here. I need an advise onbest color or printer settings that may work. Or what is the best "paper" setting in the printer for this type of fabric?
    Thank you for any hints!
  • Dear Nick, You are on track. I think the rip you are considering is dis proportionately expensive compared to your printer and ink. Look at a Topaz rip. It is sold by ASG, Sterling MA. Good luck. MK