Larger sizes of fabric?
  • I would like to try printing on larger widths of fabric using the A3 or 13" printers that are available. However, the 'retail' sizes of fabric are 8.5" max and the 'commercial' sizes start at 17" (and 35' long).

    Are there any plans to offer larger retail sizes such as 13" x 17" or even better, 13" x 10'? Or, would it be possible for individuals to purchase the sample sizes from your commercial branch?

    Also, I know you have European distributors - but none of the ones I have checked stock the Inkjet printable fabrics, they all seem to specialise in 'serious' art supplies. Do you know of any that do - or US distributors that ship international?
  • Hi,
    Call 1800 442 0455 for more info on inkjet fabrics.
  • Hi,

    Here is the telephone number that can be accessed internationaly for information on distributors or you can check out our store locator.

  • I have a 24" wide format, but the 17" rolls I have been using are paper backed, and with care s/b cuttable to 17x13 and used in an inkjet
  • EQ makes a 13 x 19 sheet which yields a really great black which means you get better color and detail. I use it in my Epson 2400 which uses archival ink.
  • We don't have any plans, as yet, to offer a larger size. However, if the demand is out there, it would be considered.

    You can buy a 17" roll from Jacquard Inkjet and ask them to cut it to 13". They would then send you both pieces of that roll and you could cut the size sheet you want off that. You would still be charged for the 17" roll, but at least it's an option.

  • I am printing on 23MM silk with an Epson 7600 printer The image is up to 24" wide by 72" long. I am having trouble with the material developing vertical rising at selected places as if the silk and backing is swelling It has the apearance as if the material has been creased by folding. This swelling takes place between the spaces on the upper hold down rollers about midway thru the printing process i.e. 50" or so into the printing. I have lowered the ink density and increased the dryig time between head passes . It appears that the swelling may be caused by to much ink saturating the silk.

    Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thanks Homer
  • I suspect what is happening is that the silk fabric is getting wet and lifting off the adhesive paper as it distorts and moves about when it is wetted unevenly. This is easily demonstrated by wetting the laminated fabric/paper out of the printer with sprinkles of water.
    Did you get this material from Jacquard Ink Jet Fabric Systems, or someone else? Your problem is very unusual. Should call supplier.
    Michael Katz
  • Michael: Thanks for the reply. I did wet a scrap of paper and yes the silk will "lift" from the backing where it is wetted. I am usig Jacquard charmeuse 23mm material. By lowering the ink density, extending the drying time and being very careful to clean the printing head and wiper ( use isopropyl alcohol on a rag and wipe the head and the wiper) I am seeing better results. Your statement that the material is getting two wet is probably correct as the lifting will occur just after an area where the most ink is being deposited.

    I believe I read that Jacquard will cut a roll to 24" as I have a 24" Epson 7600 printer. i am purchasing from Dharma and will direct them to cut a 42" roll to 24" and ship the salvage. Is this correct?

    Hoer Humelbaugh