cold porcelain
  • I am using a medium which is very new to me called cold porcelain. It consists of white glue, cornstarch, water, glycerin and cold cream. These ingredients are combined and cooked on the stove. The pieces, after they are formed, are air dried.
    Can the cold porcelain be combined with the Pearl-ex after being cooked and before being shaped?
  • Hi there,

    Your cold porcelain is new to me as well, so I took a look at a couple of sites that talked about it. It seems to me as if PearlEx is a perfect colorant for this medium.
    I'd do a little experimenting...adding the PearlEx to the mixture after it is done cooking, dusting it onto the finished piece before it dries, using it with Gum Arabic and water as a watercolor medium or perhaps with white glue as a glaze, or adding it to the mix as it cooks. I think you'll find many ways to use the PearlEx with this medium.

  • Thanks for the reply; I'll give it a try and let you know how it turns out.

  • Hi Stephanie,

    Thanks, I am very interested to know how it all works out.