pearlex with silk dye
  • I'm curious as to whether there is a method of using pearlex with Jacquard silk dye. Any information is appreciated. Thanks, Marti
  • Hi Marti,

    There is no effective way to use the PearlEx powders with just the Red or Green Label Silk Dyes as there is no binder in the dye which would bond the PearlEx to the fabric. There are ways to get a bit of shimmer by mixing small amounts of the PearlEx with Dye-Na-Flow or small amounts of Lumiere paint with Dye-Na-Flow and depending on just what you are after this may be something you'd want to play with.
    Hope this helps
  • Anet,

    I have pearlex, lumier and dynaflow, so will play with the mix a bit and see what I come up with. I just need a bit of "glimmer" for a piece I'm working on, so this may do the trick.

    Thanks again,