Dry Clean Only Gown needing to dye
  • To whom it may concern: I bought a wedding dress on clearence hoping I can dye it and use it for a Mardi Gras ball I am going to. I realized it was 100% polyester. Your company has great colors, but I had this image in my mind of a teal green, like a mermaid green-blue. Is there any way I could achieve this if I mixed iDye Poly packets? I also heard Dye Na Flow might be an option. I would greatly appreciate any advice!
  • Need advice to dye it in general actually. No one where I live dyes dresses! I love the painted corset the woman on here made with Lumiere. I am worried that some of these paints make the fabric more stiff and less naturally flowy. Will that happen with Lumiere or Dye Na Flow? Also is airbrushing the best way to go? I apologize for all the questions.
  • Or would textile paint be the better option?... Wow yall have so many options. By the way, I will have access to a airbrush.
  • Airbrushing with dye na flow is the painting option that will feel the best. You can also dilute lumiere and airbrush it with the JAB2150 airbrush extender medium. It will feel pretty nice. The only lumiere color I wouldn't use is super sparkle as the flakes are too large for the airbrush.

    Lumiere will set itself, but I highly recommend adding airfix if you paint with dye na flow. It will heat set it without ironing by letting it dry for 72 hrs.


    For dyeing you definitely need a large pot for the gown. You need the fabric to move freely in the water.

  • So is dye na flow not the same as submersion dyeing? I read that it will come off of polyester after a while. How is textile paint? I apologize again.
  • Thank you so much for responding by the way! I really appreciate it!
  • Dye na flow is not the same as submersion dyeing. It does not require any heat, and you can control an ombre more effectively. It is actually a very thin acrylic paint rather than a dye. If you use the airfix, it will not rub off and should be very durable.

    Submersion dyeing with polyester dye require boiling water, adding the dye, and stirring the dress in there for 20 min-hr depending on how dark you want the color.
  • Dye na flow sounds perfect!! Since its a dry clean only gown and a lot of fabric, I dont believe submersion dyeing is best. Dont you think? I bought Dye na flow. Also I wanted to try your YouCan refillable can. Do you think Dye na flow will work well with it and spread evenly? For instance, it won't be heavier and darker in some spots more than others will it? Or would a sponge brush be better? This should be the last question!! Im sorry!
  • Dry Clean only doesn't mean you can't boil it. In fact, because it is polyester, it means it is pretty tough and will be hard to damage. Temperature will not do it. Is there a structural reason you don't want to heat it, like it has specific folds that would come out dye to heating? That I don't know.

    Dye na flow works great in the Youcan. I would buy at least 8oz and I would practice with water first trying to get an even coverage on a piece of cardboard so you can get a feel for how it would spray.

    Dye na flow is pretty forgiving when it comes to how even it is, but you will still need to move quickly with your spray. Apply in very thin layers so you don't get pooling in folds and thus darker spots. Light even coats move quickly.