Burgundy versus vermillion
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    I have had wonderful results from your acid dyes on cashmere. I now have a light pink cashmere sweater I want to dye to burgundy. I wondered if you could recommend which of burgundy or vermillion I should use. I am a winter and need a true purple (blue red) burgundy and I don't want to end up with a brown type burgundy as I see in the stores nowadays (called oxbood maybe)? What is the difference between the burgundy and vermillion shades of the acid dyes?

    Thanks for any suggestions.

  • I would say that our burgundy is much more brown than Vermillion. Vermillion is just a deep red, and burgundy is as well, but it has much more brown than Vermillion.
  • Nevermind. i just dyed some burgundy and it is much more purple than vermillion and it is gorgeous. I would say burgundy is purple with red added and Vermillion is red with purple added. Burgundy is to Teal as Vermillion is to Aqua
  • lovely! I will try Burgundy then. SOunds like it is just what I am looking for.

  • This has helped me too! I was looking for something purple but a different in tone, sounds perfect :)

    Get so excited planning these things!