Fudge Colour: acid dye recipe help
  • Hi everyone,

    If anyone is familiar with TOFT wool you will know they have a beautiful fudge wool, and I have not seen it anywhere else, but it's very expensive

    Does anybody have any ideas how I might recreate it? Mix this colour with acid dye? I normally mix up concentrated solutions of 1/4 tsp and 125mls water as a starting point then dilute as I mostly do handpainting onto wool. But with a block colour would use immersion techniques.

    Really appreciate your help

    Thank you in advance
  • Fudge is a little reddish brown and deep. The brown is deep, but is pretty neutral. I think you can mix this dye with the Chestnut and Brown. I would use a 60/40 mix of Brown and Chestnut I think.
  • I actually tried this same colour combo yesterday (forgot to check here) what I'm looking for is something a bit more golden in colour, just like the TOFT fudge, the chestnut and brown combination does give a really beautiful colour, very rich and one I will be using but it's darker than I was looking for, maybe I need to lighten it a bit by adding a yellow? Or more water - I've been using the Dyes for a while but not been pushing beyond the pre-packed colours. (I tried your suggestion for mint which was fab and it got me to thinking even more out of the box)

    I'm looking for a lighter golden type fudge, so my next try was adding some brown to golden Ochre or maybe Aztec gold... I don't think too much can go wrong ????I may just end up making a lot of brown things

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write back to me
  • The Golden Ochre was going to be my suggestion too. Aztec gold is very nice, but might be more orange than you want. The gold ochre is softer and glowing.
  • Sorry for the late reply!

    I’m diving in with this later this week so will be sure to come back and let you know how it went.

    Thank you so much for your help I’m learning so much!