Tie Dying Camo effect
  • I am interested in how I might create a pink/grey camo effect on a Tshirt.

    I would immersion the Tshirt in a light pink.

    Then apply a grey or black with a darker pink to the Tshirt scrunched.

    Would the light pink base affect the grey? or would I need to use black?

  • You can just dilute black to make it grey. I'm not sure if that would work or not. You'd be able to see the pink through they grey, but that might not matter.

    It would probably be better to do a scrunched pink, then a scrunched grey.
  • Thanks. :)

    The Jacquard Camo kit instructions Immerse bronze first then tie tshirt (I would do scrunch) apply black and olive with bottles.

    The immersion removes the chance of white. If I scrunch then apply light pink, dark pink and grey or black there is a risk of some white... White would work in the camo pattern but I was hoping to have no white....

    Sounds like my best bet would be to use black and if the result is more grey then it would be less likely see the pink through..... And black would work in the colour scheme.

    I am definitely going to do a trial Tshirt first. :)

  • It would be just as cheap to just start with a pink tshirt.
  • Just as an FYI about the grey. We have the neutral grey dye in procion dye and it makes a much better grey than the black does. The black is not actually a pure color, but the grey is. That means no matter the concentration it is always grey. Sometimes when you dilute the black you get a blue bias on the grey you get.

    I don't see any problem with a light pink immersion before you dye the grey. I think it will make a slightly redder grey, but the grey is pretty strong and should be fine especially if you use a light pink like bubble gum.
  • Thanks. :)