Arashi shibori with Jacquard Red Label dyes
  • I have directly applied my dyes on pole wrapped silk scarves, dried them, and steamed them. After I let them sit for 24 hours I will rinse and squeeze them on the pole in lukewarm water until the water runs clear. Correct? . Do I need to wait 24 hours to rinse? Last step is to let them dry again and remove them from poles. Yes? Thanks!
  • Hi Art,

    It is not necessary to allow your pieces to sit for 24 hours after steaming to rinse them. Once they are cool enough to handle you can rinse.
    The rest of your process sounds just fine! We'd love to see what you've done!!!

  • Doesn't the dye have to be rinsed out after steaming? How do I then retain the pleating?
  • If I understand, you can cold dye silk... you don't have to steam. Just use soda ash and squirt the dye on the way you would cotton, letting it sit for 24 hrs and then rinsing.

    I do this (wrapping around a pole) with cotton Tshirts and they come out great.
  • But either way, letting the dye activate with heat (steaming) or just letting it sit (time), your pleated dye should look fine, just by taking it off the pole and rinsing.
  • Cold dyeing silk is actually not as easy. The silk doesn't like soda ash for one thing, it weakens it. Silk does not take the procion as well. You are better off acidifying the procion if you use it with vinegar.

    Keeping the pleats is very difficult any time you wet and steam.