discharge with Green Label dyes?
  • Can I discharge silk I've dyed with the Green Label dyes? Using discharge paste or thiox (I know, no bleach on silk!)? If so, would I need to do the discharge before or after steaming? Thanks!
  • Hi,
    It is possible that it will work but not all colors dischage unfortunately and some discharge better than others. Normally the colors are discharged after they have been steamed. Do a test fist.
  • Great info. I've learned with the procion mx which colors will or will not remove, but was totally unsure with the green label. Thanks for the the help!
  • Can I discharge black spots on a completed steamed piece? I am also using green label Jacquard did a scarf and the black spread spots onto the terquoise section.
  • What type of discharge product would you recommend with the Jacore green label?
  • Decolourant is the best product to use to discharge specific areas. It will not bleed and will hold a line. If you want to discharge the whole thing you can use the Color Remover or Thiox in a pot. As Celia says above, so me colors are difficult to discharge. Blues are often stubborn and Turquoise is notorious discharge resistant.
  • I sure appreciate your help. What is your experience been with green label black?
    Thanks again, Lydia
  • I usually use the red label dyes because we have a steamer here. I do find the green label dye to be a little green biased in the black. I sometimes add a few drops of magenta to neutral it out. Are you having trouble with it staining or something like that. The green label black is hard not to overpaint with. Obviously people want a very dark black which you can do by painting over and over it so that it gets very dark. the problem with this is when you overload with black, that is the easiest way to get backstaining. To get the blackest black possible, you may be better off painting, setting with the dyeset concentrate and then repeating until you get the darkest black possible.