Dyeing poly velvet
  • Have found iDye Poly to dye my poly velvet whereas other dyes won't but am disappointed that I cannot obtain intense vivid colors. Probably because of water. Any tips for me??
  • Because of water? What do you mean by this?

    The most important thing is to get the water very hot. It does really need to boil. Heat is the only thing that activates the dye.

    The dye intensifier does work well to get better colors as well.

    You can dye up to an hour which should give you very dark colors.

    DO NOT use Idye poly in the washing machine. It does not get hot enough.

    Not getting vivid colors is an unusual complaint about this dye. I personally think the dye can be too much for certain colors.
  • Thanks for response:
    Water dilutes the dye; am wondering if I dissolve the dye in boiling water then paint on hot velvet that might work better. I don't find the velvet darkening with longer dye time.
  • You can dissolve the dye in acetone(nail polish remover) and paint with it. 25% water 75% acetone is the best mix.

    It cools down so fast it would be hard to paint with it the way you are describing.