Dying Black Seat Belts
  • I'm about to dye a set of 1968 GM "faded" black seat belts. I checked Jacquards website for directions and it says for Black (239) dye you can use up to 3oz for the deepest color result per pound of fiber. It's hard to weigh the complete set of seat belts since they include the buckles, hold downs, etc. I am thinking that I should order (use) more so I get the deepest black. How many bottles (0.5oz each) should I use. I bought one 1/2oz bottle of 239 but thinking I should order five more ;-)
  • I am having a hard time understanding which dye you have. The best dye to use would be acid dye number 639 jet black. Yes it does work great on nylonn and you do need to use white vinegar or citric acid with it. The one thing you should avoid is over dying them because the black dye will rub off onto the seats and the people who use the seatbelts. That's why I would suggest using one bottle per seat belt at most. Five bottles for 5 seatbelts would be OK. Thanks
  • Sorry, you are correct. I have acid dye 639 (Jet Black). Ok, thanks. I will order five more 0.5 oz bottles. Do I need to heat set them after I am done?
  • No the dyes are finished and set by the vinegar or citric acid. No heat set required.