"Dyeing" patterned Poly/Spandex?
  • Yes, this is another swimsuit. 80% polyester, 20% spandex, and is light green with a fish scale pattern. I want it to be turquoise and still clearly retain the pattern.

    I know genuine dyeing is pretty much right out, but I thought maybe Dye-Na-Flow or Textile Color with a fabric medium or extender and a lot of dilution might work. Can anyone clarify what would work the best, and how I would go about doing it?
  • Hi,

    Depending on how light the green is will determine how close to turquoise you can get. You could get a greener turquoise by just dyeing the whole swimsuit with Idye poly turquoise. This will not affect the pattern as all dyes are transparent or see through. It is very hard to cover a printed pattern unless you are dyeing it black.

    Dye na flow is another option. You can paint it in the area you want it, and if you mix colors it would be easier to tell what color your are using than it is with a poly dye. You would not necessarily need an extender unless you wanted a lighter color. The textile extender is actually the same thing as dye na flow extender, but it is thicker, so if you water the textile extender down to dye na flow consistency you can keep the dye na flow soft, but really control the transparency of the color. I might consider using cerulean blue dye na flow and thinning it down with extender, and then having that mix with the green already there to make turquoise. You have to heat set the dye na flow of course to make it wash fast, but I think this will work.

    Keep in mind that dye na flow and fyes are going to mix with the green already present. You may get more of a teal than a turquoise depending how much green is already there. Either way, your pattern will be there in the end.
  • I was planning on using Air Fix if I go the Dye Na Flow route to avoid damaging the spandex. But would Dye Na Flow be able to get an even color over the entire garment the way a dye would?
  • It works surprisingly well. You get pretty even color. It saturates the fabric in the way a dye does, so you can get it very nice. Overall though I would say it is not quite as even as a dye would be. If you do it with dye na flow use a sponge brush and put it on in even strokes.