Dyeing a synthetic wool blanket...Please help me!
  • Hi all, I'm new to this forum, and I'd appreciate A LOT if anyone here could help me.

    First, I have to say that I've never dyed anything before so, I'm a newbie....

    Okay, so, I bought this blanket at a thrift store, sadly it does not have a tag. I used the method of burning a strip of yarn to test if if was real wool or synthetic, based on the results it is a some kind of synthetic material because it turned out very hard when I burned it, which is what synthetic material does. The blanket has two color tones, one is a creamy white and the other one is a reddish orange. I want it to be a dark blue charcoal color; I know the blanket will not dye evenly due to the colors differences, but that's okay, anyway I think it'd look great that way. I just don't like the color of it.

    What product from iDye exactly do I need? and how many?. Or I wonder, can I paint it, how?

    The blanket weighs between 4-6 pounds (it's a large blanket) so, I wonder how many dye product do I need in order to change the color of it and get the best results.

    All tips are welcome, thanks in advance, really appreciate any help! :-)

  • 2 packets one of gunmetal grey and one blue Idye poly should work. The color difference means that the orange will probably get very greyish brown. The cream color should get the charcoal blue color. Make sure you have a pot big enough for this blanket. It should be able to move freely as you boil it. the better it moves, the more even the dye will be. Make sure you boil for at least 30 min, and that should be good enough.
  • Thank you very much for your help Jacquardmod, I really appreciate it a lot. I'll definitely try that!
  • Thanks for the tip! My sister dyes a lot so will surely tell her these things!