Resist lines too thick
  • I am using Jacquard clear water-based resist in a Jacquard applicator bottle with 0.5mm plastic tip. I shake the resist bottle well and stir thoroughly before pouring into the applicator, but the resist lines spread and become broad (to 3-4 mm) after application. I have tried moving my hand fast to apply the resist line quickly over the silk, holding the bottle some distance away from the silk, pressing very lightly etc.

    Would you have any tips or suggestions for me? Would using a metal tip help?
  • It might help Monika, but I have a better idea. Please email me your address at and i will send you a bottle of our new resist, which is muchg easier to control and behaves a lot better in general. This is a known problem with the old formula and we have worked very hard to fix it. I think you will like the new version very much.

    Everyone else look for the new formula sticker on the resist. I know has the new formula if you want to order it and it should replace all the old stock everywhere else very soon.
  • Thanks so much, Alex! I am excited to try out the new resist, and will let you know how it goes.